Caring For Your Hardwood Floors

There is a lot that goes into caring for your hardwood floors in Plano, TX. What you need to realize is that, as beautiful as they may be, hardwood floors require a little thought and concern when it comes to their care. There are a lot of things that can take away that beautiful glow; a lot of things that will dull your hardwood floors. Like almost every other authentically beautiful surface, your hardwood floors need proper maintenance if they are to keep serving you at the same aesthetic level for years to come.
As one of the best hardwood floors, Plano TX service providers, we have compiled a list of things that you need to do to ensure that your floors remain as gorgeous as they were the first time you had them installed. With our advice, your floors will keep serving you and impressing your visitors for much longer than they otherwise would. Here are some simple hardwood floor care tips for your consideration.
Vacuum weekly, if not daily
Frequent vacuuming of your hardwood floors is critical to their shelf-life. The reason is simple; the little dust particles that settle on these floors act like sandpaper. Underfoot, what might seem like fine dust transform into something like sandpaper. The fine grit within this dust will slowly wear through the floors finishing. By vacuuming as frequently as possible (at least every week, if not every day) you will be eliminating this aspect and ensuring that your floor remains as shinny as it was originally.
It is advisable to only use attachments with a brush. Either that or a felt surface. Using attachments that have rotating surfaces are a good way to scratch and damage the finish on your floor. However, if you do not feel like vacuuming every day, it is still very advisable to use a dust mop on the surface daily. This is to ensure that the fine dust particles settling on the floor do not act as sandpaper would when you walk over them. By dusting or vacuuming daily, you eliminate this threat.
Do not let it rain on your hardwood floors
Stagnant water of any kind is terrible for your hardwood floors. Not only will this water ruin the finish, but should it seep through the finish into the wood, it can penetrate deep into it and completely stain it. This will ruin the whole look. You need to ensure that there is no opportunity for water to stagnate on your hardwood floors:
– Always close the windows when you think it is going to rain- Always put trays and other water catchers under potted plants- Always wipe up any spills immediately
Wipe up any furniture polish or hairspray spills
Both hairspray and furniture polish will cloud the finish on your hardwood floors. You need to make sure that any spills are wiped up immediately. Use a damp cloth or spray the area with a non-ammonia window cleaner.
Be very careful with waxes and restorers
When looking to rejuvenate your hardwood floor finish, you must adhere to some rules:
– A wax finish can be greatly rejuvenated with more wax- Never use wax on some surfaces like varnish, shellac or polyurethane (that makes the floor too slippery and will sabotage subsequent finishes)

– When dealing with polyurethane finishes, only use polish made specifically for polyurethane. If you have a different type of finish then you should get a general-purpose restorer.
The rule of thumb is to always try the restorer on a very inconspicuous part of the floor to make sure that it will not peel off.
Use area rugs to protect high traffic zone
The more you walk on a particular area, the more that region of the floor wears off. High traffic areas such as hallways see a lot of foot traffic throughout the day. The best way to keep these areas from wearing off and looking dull faster than the rest of the house to try and protect them using throw rugs. Just make sure that the rugs do not have backing. Rubber or vinyl backings tend to trap humidity which will eventually ruin the finish as well as stain the wood.
When it comes to hardwood floors in Plano, TX, we are the experts. Let us help you to keep those floors shinny and long lasting.

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