Beyond The Surface: Hardwood Cleaning

A lot of companies in Piano, Texas that provide floor services used to clean carpets for more than six decades. In those times, they have broadened their expertise into building on their abilities in working with all types of floor surfaces. You are guaranteed that they understand hardwood floor cleaning’s associated complexities and as to why it is crucial to properly maintain and seal hardwood floors. The maintenance and cleaning of hardwood floors are certainly not an easy task and it extends way beyond a mop or broom’s capabilities. It just simply moves the dirt around and falls short in extracting ground-in, unseen dirt. Avoid taking the hard route. Instead, rely on hardwood floor services in extracting the dirt that is deep within crevices and cracks of your wood floors. Just imagine the improvement of the air circulation and quality that you will experience from being rid of the unseen dirt that is deep within your floors.

Deep Cleaning

Hardwood floors, Texas needs revolutionary cleaning processes that use high-speed rotary brushes and a propriety cleaning solution in reaching tough contaminants and dirt. As the technicians clean the hardwood floor and squeegees trap stubborn dirt, a powerful vacuum will be extracting both dirt and excess cleaning solution.

In cleaning hardwood floors, experts follow it up with detailed cleaning by hand for those hard to reach areas. After this, the pH balance would be restored unto the floor by the use of a professional-grade wood cleaner that effectively captures whatever dirt that remains. This entire process is non-toxic, low-odor and dust-free which will be leaving you with a hard act to actually follow.


Cleaning hardwood floor does not end there. Your potential cleaning company should provide a step further into the cleaning process by offering an exclusive coat solution for maintenance. After the hardwood floor is cleaned, a fast-drying coat should be applied for a uniform gloss and sheen that will help in extending the life of the floor.

You can also choose in protecting the floor with a poly coat technology. It is a durable solution that dries fast providing a thin but strong protective layer to your hardwood floor. This creates a barrier from chemical and water damages, assists the floor in resisting everyday scuffs and scratches and preserves the allure of your hardwood floor.


Sweep or vacuum your floors regularly. Avoid the usage of oil soap, wax and other industrial floor cleaners. Silicone-based products and wax compromise the integrity of hardwood surfaces, making it more difficult to clean.

Remove spills promptly.

Place indoor or outdoor mats in every entryway and put area rugs in areas of high traffic.

Avoid rugs that have poor ventilation like rubber-backed rugs.

Maintain a consistent humidity level in your lovely abode to prevent shrinking, cracking, swelling and exposing gaps.

Avoid deep scratches. Pets and high heels can cause damage to your wood flooring. Don’t ever drag furniture across a hardwood floor.

Schedule a cleaning session every 6 months.

Hardwood is one of the most praised and respected flooring because even with age, they can effortlessly glamourize any building. Hardwood is not just attractive but they are also durable and hold their own value. They even go nicely in any room may it be the kitchen, living room or dining area. They’re just wonderful! When it comes with building or remodeling a house, consider choosing hardwood as your floor. There are lots of different services and products that are available that deals with hardwood flooring.

I can run through all the products out there but it’d take up so much of your precious time. If you want, you can visit a hardware store to explore the variety of woods available. There are also gorgeous galleries you can look up online to get an idea of what’s in store for you without leaving the comforts of home. The most loved type of hardwood is maple and it is my personal favorite. Maple is a classic choice while still being elegant. If you have a peach or rust colored wall, maple would seem to be quite the eye-pleaser. Bamboo is also becoming increasingly popular nowadays. Other options are white or red oak, different walnuts, Tigerwood and a selection of cherry woods. The product is just depending on the warmth intensity that you want a specific room to exude or your interior design’s overall vibe like for example, a wood that is light in color would go quite well in the kitchen or bathroom as it brightens the room. Light colors also have a more “country” feel while darker ones go nicely with dining rooms.